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About Us
Shree Sairam Industrial Corporation manufacturing units Established in the year 2010, in India are located at Pune (Talawade) in Maharashtra the plants are certified for ISO 9001 & 2008, Shree Sairam Industrial Corporation is internationally known as a reliable partner with a versatile range of packaging products and services. Our business activities are led by the desire to generate cost savings and efficiency for our customers in their business operations, which include buying, production, storage, logistics and transportation The versatile range of Shree Sairam Industrial Corporation is based on products manufactured from Wooden Pallets and Boxes, Packaging and Fumigation Services, Euro Pallets, plywood Box and wood Saddle that support, thanks to their raw material, the desire to operate according to the principles of sustainable development. Our products include Stretch Film, Air Bubble roll, Pet Strap, Silica Gel, BOPP Tape, Lashing Belt, Cross link Foam, EPE Foam, Edge Protector, LDPE Bag, HDPE Bag, Tarpaulin Cover, MS Strap, PP Strap, VCI all Product, Wire Nail, Polyester Lashes, Export Machinery Lashing, Container Lashing, Export Packaging Services, etc.
Wooden Boxes, Packaging Material For Domestic Packaging, Pet Strap Pneumatic Machine, Rubber Wood Pallet, Rubber Wood Saddle, Rubber Wood Collar Container, Carton Box, Palletised Corrugated Box, Export Packaging, Plywood Box, Pine Wood Pallets, Plywood Saddle, Pine Wood Pallets, Collar Container, Pine Wood Box, Pine Wood Crate, Silver Wood Box, Corrugated Box, Pine Wood Collar, Heavy Duty Box, Euro Pallet, Inner Packaging Materials, Air Pad, Loose Fill, Paper Pad, VCI Bags, Desiccants, Silica Gel Packets, VCI Paper, Crosslink Foam, PE-Foam, Foam Bag, Fabricated Foam, Air Bubble Bag, Vpci-Oil , Outer Packaging Material, Stretch Film, Air Bubble Roll, Edge Protector, Pet Strapping, PP Strap & Clip, MS Strap & Clip, Corrugated Roll, HDPE Tarpaulin Cover, Aluminium Foil Cover, LDPE Bag, Bopp Tape – Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene, Wire Nails, One Way Lashing System, Polyester Lashes, Export Machinery Lashing, Container Lashing, Lashing Palatalization, Aluminium Foil Packaging, Pet Strap Pneumatic Machine, Battery Operating Machine, Manual Strapping Machine, Fully Automatic Strapping Machine, Semi Automatic Strapping Machine
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Gat No. 36/A, Near Gattha Mandir Bypass Road, Dehu Gaon, Pune - 411062
Tel No
- 9860921110 / 9860439812
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